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Mozart’s Wife

the award-winning novel by Juliet Waldron

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Winner of the First
Independent E-Book Award for Fiction
Seventh Annual
Virginia Festival of the Book
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Giddy sugarplum or calculating bitch? Mozart's many biographers (from Schenk to Hildesheimer to Solomon) show little love for his Constanze.

Constanze Weber Mozart

Mozart's wife aroused strong feelings among her contemporaries, too. Her in-laws despised her. Mozart's Viennese friends, as much as forty years after his death, remained eager to gossip about her. Nonetheless, Mozart's personal letters attest both to his affection for Constanze and to their powerful sexual bond.

She bore six children while presiding over the unsteady domestic establishment of the world’s first superstar, sharing his slide into the fast and loose fringes of the Viennese musical world. Maturing from child, to wife, to hard-headed widow, Constanze paid her husband’s debts, provided for their children, and relentlessly marketed and mythologized Mozart.

Wolfgang Mozart

Why, then, did she never mark her illustrious husband’s grave?

Derived from original sources, particularly Emily Anderson’s translation of the MOZART FAMILY LETTERS and O. E. Deutsch’s exhaustive documentary biography, MOZART’S WIFE  is my search for the answer.

~ Juliet Waldron

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